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small bit from a letter to bobby,

I take a train every morning to get to work, then i usually ride my bike the rest of the way to the office. today there was a bus that goes right to the office so i decided to forget about riding the bike the whole way and just take the bus. I got on and sitting accross from me was this incredibly ugly man, bobby, he was horribly disguisting. this man should be tossed into a dungeon or better yet executed and wiped from the face of the planet. i considered doing the task myself but by the time the thoght occured i was at the office and needed to get off the bus. He looked like andre the giant, but shorter. he sat slouched on the bus bench wearing blue jeans with the zipper all the way down and wide open like a prostitutes pussy. along with what has to be the crustiest sweatshirt in all cali. his hair was even like Andre the giants, bushy like some australian aboriginal, this man was feral i tell you, he would've fought me dirty, biting and kicking, using nails even! a lady hopped on the bus as well, took one look at this mangy beast and sat next to me. a poor move i think, because he was so large he was always in her line of site. she probably threw up once she got off the bus. the guy even had a protruding lower lip. huge, like those africans with the lip disk, only no goddamn disk! i was not prepared for what i saw next, see, i wasnt looking directly at him, i was staring off into space when i heard this horrible noise. I turned to find the man digging with his index finger through his nose. he was really going for it, kinda the way school children do. his finger then went from his nose to his open mouth landing on his fucking tongue. then from his fucking tongue he ran his hand thru his goddamn hair. truely one of gods creatures.

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The amalfi webcam is amazing. http://www.sunnyfortuna.com/fortunacam/showcams/italy/amalfi.htm when i compare the image on my computer screen to my own surroundings, you cant help think that it would be in your best interest to walk outside and not come back. http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~obs/towercam.htm even the images from mount wilson makes you realize that as trapped as you are there are still escapes from the 3 cubicle walls. bieng a bicycle hellman i am confronted with these challenges everyday. lately the days have been sunny and cool. uncommon but when they occur like three days in a row, you forget about the endless weeks of cold and rain that were not so long ago. getting off the train if i was to ride my bike in the other direction i would hit hills and vineyards. i could have my wife meet me at some janky winery and spend the day getting drunk and lazying around. the true revolution of everyday life.


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morning becomes nerdclectic

6am and out the door, headed west, like anyone else with half a brain. radio on low, i hear a commercial for the company i work for. It doesnt make me feel any better and luckily it doesnt make me feel any worse. the journey continues on. Its a beautiful morning, sun rising slowly and high fog barely touching the tops of the hills. 30 minutes later i reach the water. the tide is low, really damn low and theres not enough swell to make it worth getting in the water. i stood for a bit hoping something might show up but it never does. i got back in the car and started driving. and started regretting, i left my beautiful wife at home in bed so i can suffer in the cold. it may be an incredible morning but it's still cold. Montara looked doable, driving by i imagined myself in the water, staring out into the ocean and the oncoming swells, then turning around to see those sketchy cliffs... definately not. continued on past gray whale cove onto linda mar. flat, flat, flat. ended up at rockaway and it was not happening either. actually, as i pulled up into the parking lot a long boarder was driving out.

total bust, i headed back home, and got back into bed.