Surfing and Anarchism

Yesterday i drove the hooptie out to the jetty for some waves. very small waves. was only out for about 45 when i figured the waves were gonna keep getting smaller and its not worth being out in the cold for some ankle slappers. Decent enough fun but i was looking for some good rides and it just wasnt happening.

The evenings topic was called "developing a strategy to win". Regardless of what people think of Churchill the man is a genius and knows what he's talking about. To blindly follow the masses, to blindly let media and government dictate what we think and feel is to take part in our own misery. I was hoping for more talk on actual tactics and how and who can get the revolution going but the conversation never went in that direction.

There was talk of the green party as an alternative but i found their question and comments rather ignorant. They outright said... Anarchism is not a solution. Well, the green party is part of a corrupt system. they embrace the system. They play by the systems rules. I dont understand why people are afraid to Smash the System! We have everything to gain. Its the fear they have and the fear they need to face... then the state, more importantly, the police, the corporations that keep the country going in circles. These corporations have names, united defense, halliburton, General Electric. We need to put a "face" with the name of our oppressors. We can;t continue to be vague about who is fucking us. We need to state the obvious and call them out. Action must then be taken against them.

The regular Joe and Jane Sixpack need it all spelled out for them. Hey, they have lives and children to take care of so we cant just go and piss them off but if they know who and how is screwing us things can begin to happen.

Anyways, Churchill laid the smackdown set the folks straight. Anarchism is a viable alternative. It is not a form of government nor does it pretend to be. Nor is it chaos.

Well, its cold outside and the ocean is flat. Time to write something worth reading. LOL.