waddells fisherman 0013

surfed waddell today for the first time. I've been wanting to check it out for a really long time but just never did. partly because its far and partly because its sharky but it was totally worth it. the place is great. really mellow break actually. way better than linda mar, that's for sure loads of rights and lefts that can be speedy and fun.i surfed the south end and could sense the swell coming from both directions. the lefts quick and speedy from the south swell and the rights which had a bit more juice and gave me a sense of closing out when the norths would hit. I cautght one wave inparticular which was nice and smooth, went right and caught up with the smaller wave in front which offered a cool launch. definately made me interested in trying for some air. On the drive up i checked out the far north end of pescadero and i must say it looked awesome. i must surf there soon. there was a great peak providing a mushy longboard right and killer shortboard left. i'm hoping for similiar conditions next weekend.

With the time changing it's really affecting my surfing. i can only go out on weekends and i can feel myself kinda losing the skills. At the end of the summer i was getting really good and pulling some carves. but now i'm starting to feel all kooky again. not good

NS 3.5/3.9ft@10sec@325
SS @2ft@14@205

the tide was around 3 feet and rising