ceiling, total pain in the ass

Here is some video and pictures of the bedroom which we've been working on.

I totally underestimated the mess i would make while patching things up. Actually, it wasnt so much the patching but the sanding. The walls are plaster for the most part but there are a ton of poorly done patches that we needed to repair. there is this odd cardboard/plaster mix wall that was put in when the kitchen was added. The people who lived here before first put wall paper then covered that up with paint. a total pain in the ass to remove. they also had a closet that we needed to rip out which was held up by a series of 3 inch nails every 3 inches. the holes in the wall that were left were enourmous. Plaster patching compound was used to fill in the holes, that was then covered up with drywall tape.

We're also working on the ceiling which has tons of cracks. the popcorn ceiling that was used before was removed. That popcorn was covering up all the cracks which we suspected were there. We're using plaster washers to secure the existing plaster to the lath above. the washers are being drilled on and around the cracked areas. ...

More soon.