the jetty killed. 0014

I was standing at the caltrain station this morning, one hand holding my bike and the other holding a really crappy capuccino from starbucks, then i say outloud, "the waves this morning were fucking great!".

Right after i said that i looked around, worried someone might think i was cracking up but luckily i was all alone.

But damn! this morning's session was the best in a long time. The jetty had small right hand peaks, up to chest high and breaking clean. If you took off at an angle you could really rip. the water was incredibly glassy and smooth. there was just enough south to give you the sickest little peaks.

I was joined out there at the same time by another peninsula surfer from MP. This guy was riding a 6'2 t&c and tearing it up on his popsicle stick. he got nice 2 second barrel and some lay back slasher carves on one wave then busted a wicked frontside air rail grab on othe next.

the jetty killed.

north:6.1@11 sec@300


waddells fisherman 0013

surfed waddell today for the first time. I've been wanting to check it out for a really long time but just never did. partly because its far and partly because its sharky but it was totally worth it. the place is great. really mellow break actually. way better than linda mar, that's for sure loads of rights and lefts that can be speedy and fun.i surfed the south end and could sense the swell coming from both directions. the lefts quick and speedy from the south swell and the rights which had a bit more juice and gave me a sense of closing out when the norths would hit. I cautght one wave inparticular which was nice and smooth, went right and caught up with the smaller wave in front which offered a cool launch. definately made me interested in trying for some air. On the drive up i checked out the far north end of pescadero and i must say it looked awesome. i must surf there soon. there was a great peak providing a mushy longboard right and killer shortboard left. i'm hoping for similiar conditions next weekend.

With the time changing it's really affecting my surfing. i can only go out on weekends and i can feel myself kinda losing the skills. At the end of the summer i was getting really good and pulling some carves. but now i'm starting to feel all kooky again. not good

NS 3.5/3.9ft@10sec@325
SS @2ft@14@205

the tide was around 3 feet and rising


san g for me

this past saturday, i hit up san gregorio with a guy from the board. we checked out the waves and it looked promising but decided to check out pomponio as well. there didnt appear to be a whole lot there but there were a lot of people pulling up. we went back to san g and suited up. once we got to the shore i was freaking out. i had never surfed anything like it before and i was bit scared. the shore break was a bit more than i was used to and this was the main cause for concern.

the paddle out was fast and furious and once i got to the line up i was pretty much safe. the waves were large and mushy. it was sooooo much fun tho. the occasional 5 or 6 footer would come around and i'd take off on it. I was slow to get on my feet but once up it was great. just a nice wall of water and me. i definately want to head back when its similiar conditions.

4.5 feet@11sec@305degrees


labor day for the workers 0010

great day for surfing, shitty day for surf

it was hot today, really hot, damn hot, too hot. I decided to head out to linda mar first hoping that the conditions might have gotten a little better. but it was crummy. crummy is the best way to describe the surf. it was big, would close out and the white water would take over all the way to the shore. then headed south to GWC and Montara, and there was nobody out. loads of people on the beach and hardly any surfers in the water. continued on and got in at the jetty. there were too many people in the too shitty take off zones. but it was incredibly fun. I caught loads of closed out knee high waves that i was even able to get a carve or two on. It was a total beginners spot today. everyone waiting for the larger sets that would jack up to about waist high and toss the whole lot over. classic. hilarious. I cought a couple of these and got some decent rides. This is soooooo much different than the perfect waves i was catching two weeks ago in hawaii.

great day for surfing, pretty damn good day for surf

I didnt surf today but damn! i saw some great surfing!! I was so jealous. I headed down the coast for a little wine drinking and stopped at a couple spots to check out the surf. San gregorio looked really good today, gentle lefts and rights that still had some juice. I have to remember to look for 3-5 feet swells at around 9 or 10 seconds from about 320 degrees. this seems to produce good waves all along south san mateo county. Pomponio had the most amazing barrels. one out of ever 10 barrells was beautiful, picture perfect, at the end of the ride, the barrell would totally spit, it was like watching a video. Waddel creek was ruling as well. short boarders and longboarders all over catching some great rides, the wave breaking really cleanly. too bad, no board.


shall i or should i shoot the policman 0009

So tomorrow is thursday, i havent surfed since sunday and i could use some time in the water. pacwaverider is predicting 4-7 feet at LM and i really really doubt that'll happen. there is a small south hitting us kinda sorta. i'm hoping to catch some of the love at the jetty. souths there are sweet. only shitty thing is the tide may be too low to really enjoy it. I may take the skimboard in case it sucks ass.

this last trip to hawaii had a bigger impact on me than i originally thought. i really dont like norcal, which is no secret, but i really need a change of scenery. a new break, a new swell direction and perhaps a thinner wetsuit. or a thicker one? i've been thinking about carrying a camera with me everywhere, but i;m such a bonehead that i keep forgetting. also got a book on midgets i need to read.... more later.


canoes, jockoe's and i'll never surf sandy beach 0008

from that south that i wrote about a while back i ended up ditching work later in the week to surf it at the jetty. what a site. perfect head high peelers that broke hard and steep. i could barely surf them but i was still having a killer time. the south was coming at about 2 feet 15 seconds and it really hit the jetty hard. it was beautiful. just beautiful.

surfed lm countless times and went out with mark for a super sweet session as well. did the morning dawn patrol and hit the jetty by 630 and was there for about 3 hours. the waves on the north end were big and occasionally closing out. mark took a few good ones that spooked him a bit so we moved down south where it was pretty lonely. just us two and some small 2 footers. but these two footers had us stoked for a long time. the were breaking clean and you really got some excellent rides out of them. there were also 2 shark sightings out at LM that week. not enough to scare me off but enough to make me look out at the ocean a bit more carefully.

hawaii was also in the cards this month. i surfed canoes and queens for 5 days straight. i had an unbelievably good time. i had the best luck with a 7'8" fun board with a rounded pin tail. i was going down the line, carving hard, and pumping great. i was sad to leave hawaii. but amazed at the progress i had made since the first time i started surfing.


there's that south swell 0007

saturday morning surfed the rising tide in the morning there was still a bit of west swell at about 1.something at around 10 seconds and the south swell was supposed to be mixed in but it was not really present. the sea was confused, swells crossing each other, canceling each other out. it was not very pretty but occasionally got to ride some nice waves.

Sunday, the south swell was in full effect. 2 feet about 20 seconds from about 205 degrees would produce big over head closeouts on the south end of montara. I went to about the condos to where the shoulders were a little more forgiving by i wasnt having too much success. the shoulders were steep as well. lots of boards flying everywhere.


2-3 fair 0006

"no fucking way" i said to myself as i drove through the saddle in the hills. the cemetery to my right and clear skys as far as i could see. sure it was a little hazy, but still really nice. I arrived at the jetty still half asleep and wishing i had filled up my thermos with prime kona but it was too late. the water was calm, the only disturbance bieng made by birds diving head first for their morning meal. I got out of the car and watched. Knowing linda mar would be even worse i figured i'd wait a bit here to see if a set would come through and then i can make a decision. Another guy i see out every now and then was also parked on the side of the road, but he took off pretty quick, I didnt blame him.After a few minutes a nice set rolled in. tiny 2 footers, and that was enough to convince me to jump in. Having been out of the water since Sunday I was itching to get wet or at least float around and hope that something ridable might come.

Aside from the sea lion hangin out in the water i was all alone. I stared out into the bay, and waited for something and luckily i didnt have to wait that long. The waves came, small, i laughed as i paddled for them, knowing that on most days i wouldnt dream of paddling for something this tiny. Up on my feet, i enjoyed a ride that lasted all of 4 seconds, till my fins dragged on the sand inches below me. I walked back in (since the tide was so low there was no need to paddle). The water was incredibly glassy and clear, no wind what so ever and as i floated i could see the sand below. The sea lion came back for a visit and then split, obviously not impressed with my surfing skills. A few more tiny breakers and it was time to head back home.

bike, train, bike, work ...etc.


wait 0005

today i didnt go to the beach. Its flat, no surf, and for some reason i feel guilty for not going. for not getting wet, for not checking just to make sure. lately my surfing is been improving. and i mean really improving! dropping in late, going down the line with a wall of green water beside me, carving, the whole nine. its been great. a total feel of accomplishment and happiness all at once. I've taken serious beatings for it lately as well. been held down a couple times by big waves and poor judgement.on my birthday i caught a wave. the last one. not very clean but i made it work. carving, going up and down the face of the wave, smoooooth riding. the glide i guess. at that point i was done for the day. i've been getting smiles by strangers at the end of my rides, compliments even. amazing. i was never a great skateboarder but with surfing i've connected somehow. taken advantage of riding pure energy. just before it crashes and takes another form.

now i wait, no surf, no energy to be ridden. waiting for the south swell to bring swells that have traveled thousands of miles. swells produced by a big ass storm deep in the south pacific. wait.


looking for a bigger cleaner bunny 0004

three, four, the last five times of surfing have been at the Half Moon Bay Jetty. Small consistent three foot waves rolling in from the south. You see the waves coming in so slow, but when they break, these tiny swells immediately jack up and toss over throwing you head over heels into a few feet of water. I watched a few people get some nasty pearls in their 9 foot longboards. Their boards would shoot straight up into the air and sometimes spin around like helicopter blades.

My first session there was great. I met Rick in front of his place, put on my wetsuit and we walked over. It was around 6.30 pm and the wind was finally starting to die down. We were the only people out in the water and we caught just about every surfable wave that rolled in. Small rights, sometimes carvable, most times not, but fun just to cruise them in.

About a week ago, I went out to the jetty again, small consistent two to three foot swells, that would occasionally break cleanly. Then the sets would roll in. Usually around three waves from out of no where, breaking about five feet high max about ten yards past the line up. We'd all paddle like mad hoping to catch one off these close outs and occasionally one of would make it. I got lucky a couple of times and caught some of the mush which made for a decent ride. But still, close out waves ruled.

The jetty is always fun in the summer, maybe its time for new waves.


gary_coady_notes & jottings 0003

small bit from a letter to bobby,

I take a train every morning to get to work, then i usually ride my bike the rest of the way to the office. today there was a bus that goes right to the office so i decided to forget about riding the bike the whole way and just take the bus. I got on and sitting accross from me was this incredibly ugly man, bobby, he was horribly disguisting. this man should be tossed into a dungeon or better yet executed and wiped from the face of the planet. i considered doing the task myself but by the time the thoght occured i was at the office and needed to get off the bus. He looked like andre the giant, but shorter. he sat slouched on the bus bench wearing blue jeans with the zipper all the way down and wide open like a prostitutes pussy. along with what has to be the crustiest sweatshirt in all cali. his hair was even like Andre the giants, bushy like some australian aboriginal, this man was feral i tell you, he would've fought me dirty, biting and kicking, using nails even! a lady hopped on the bus as well, took one look at this mangy beast and sat next to me. a poor move i think, because he was so large he was always in her line of site. she probably threw up once she got off the bus. the guy even had a protruding lower lip. huge, like those africans with the lip disk, only no goddamn disk! i was not prepared for what i saw next, see, i wasnt looking directly at him, i was staring off into space when i heard this horrible noise. I turned to find the man digging with his index finger through his nose. he was really going for it, kinda the way school children do. his finger then went from his nose to his open mouth landing on his fucking tongue. then from his fucking tongue he ran his hand thru his goddamn hair. truely one of gods creatures.

by the way, you may want to check out rudy huxtable, my how she's changed, what would theo, cliff and claire say:


Guy De-Bored 0002

The amalfi webcam is amazing. http://www.sunnyfortuna.com/fortunacam/showcams/italy/amalfi.htm when i compare the image on my computer screen to my own surroundings, you cant help think that it would be in your best interest to walk outside and not come back. http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~obs/towercam.htm even the images from mount wilson makes you realize that as trapped as you are there are still escapes from the 3 cubicle walls. bieng a bicycle hellman i am confronted with these challenges everyday. lately the days have been sunny and cool. uncommon but when they occur like three days in a row, you forget about the endless weeks of cold and rain that were not so long ago. getting off the train if i was to ride my bike in the other direction i would hit hills and vineyards. i could have my wife meet me at some janky winery and spend the day getting drunk and lazying around. the true revolution of everyday life.


super clean 0001

morning becomes nerdclectic

6am and out the door, headed west, like anyone else with half a brain. radio on low, i hear a commercial for the company i work for. It doesnt make me feel any better and luckily it doesnt make me feel any worse. the journey continues on. Its a beautiful morning, sun rising slowly and high fog barely touching the tops of the hills. 30 minutes later i reach the water. the tide is low, really damn low and theres not enough swell to make it worth getting in the water. i stood for a bit hoping something might show up but it never does. i got back in the car and started driving. and started regretting, i left my beautiful wife at home in bed so i can suffer in the cold. it may be an incredible morning but it's still cold. Montara looked doable, driving by i imagined myself in the water, staring out into the ocean and the oncoming swells, then turning around to see those sketchy cliffs... definately not. continued on past gray whale cove onto linda mar. flat, flat, flat. ended up at rockaway and it was not happening either. actually, as i pulled up into the parking lot a long boarder was driving out.

total bust, i headed back home, and got back into bed.