100 posts and more house pictures

So unbelievably enough this the 100th post over i think like 3 years or so. Kinda wierd to be half assing something for that long.

Anyways, to the right of course are some photos of the house with a faux finish paint style which was necesseray because we didnt remove some of the 50 y.o. wall paper and had to re-plaster some big spots on the wall. Also i sanded the built-in cabinet which was painted and will now be stained.
I'm actually pretty happy with it all so far.


update on the house

We've finally really started up on the house recently, painting and getting all the electrical done. Unfortunately we;ve discovered the house has tons of old wall paper. Some crazy racist wall paper at that. lol. anyways below are pictures of how things are coming along.

We have the second bedroom which has been patched and is ready for primer and paint and that will be done this weekend. All in all its an incredible amount of work.