the jetty killed. 0014

I was standing at the caltrain station this morning, one hand holding my bike and the other holding a really crappy capuccino from starbucks, then i say outloud, "the waves this morning were fucking great!".

Right after i said that i looked around, worried someone might think i was cracking up but luckily i was all alone.

But damn! this morning's session was the best in a long time. The jetty had small right hand peaks, up to chest high and breaking clean. If you took off at an angle you could really rip. the water was incredibly glassy and smooth. there was just enough south to give you the sickest little peaks.

I was joined out there at the same time by another peninsula surfer from MP. This guy was riding a 6'2 t&c and tearing it up on his popsicle stick. he got nice 2 second barrel and some lay back slasher carves on one wave then busted a wicked frontside air rail grab on othe next.

the jetty killed.

north:6.1@11 sec@300