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three, four, the last five times of surfing have been at the Half Moon Bay Jetty. Small consistent three foot waves rolling in from the south. You see the waves coming in so slow, but when they break, these tiny swells immediately jack up and toss over throwing you head over heels into a few feet of water. I watched a few people get some nasty pearls in their 9 foot longboards. Their boards would shoot straight up into the air and sometimes spin around like helicopter blades.

My first session there was great. I met Rick in front of his place, put on my wetsuit and we walked over. It was around 6.30 pm and the wind was finally starting to die down. We were the only people out in the water and we caught just about every surfable wave that rolled in. Small rights, sometimes carvable, most times not, but fun just to cruise them in.

About a week ago, I went out to the jetty again, small consistent two to three foot swells, that would occasionally break cleanly. Then the sets would roll in. Usually around three waves from out of no where, breaking about five feet high max about ten yards past the line up. We'd all paddle like mad hoping to catch one off these close outs and occasionally one of would make it. I got lucky a couple of times and caught some of the mush which made for a decent ride. But still, close out waves ruled.

The jetty is always fun in the summer, maybe its time for new waves.