Vienna, I got off the plane, grabbed a taxi and

headed to the hotel. a last minute place that i

was able to get thanks to an odd website that

pairs up suckers (me) with little, unknown,

hostel type places. Hotel Corvinus was where i

was dropped off at. At first glance it looked

like most shit places in Italy, but this was

not Italy and it definately was not shit. My

room was large, flat screen television, huge

shower. Brilliant shit.

The place was owned and run by a hungarian

couple. They were not young but not old. Old

enough to have a son in his late 20's and a

very cute daughter probably around 19 or so.

The man was genial, good natured and a keen

salesman. We haggle back and forth on the

price. even tho the site settled it, there was

always room to bargain.

I make my way out of the place in a hurry after

i leave my baggage and make my way to the


Viennas metro is fantastic. I've never been in

an underground that had such fantastic mobile

phone coverage.

Saw some sites, The museums were out of

control, really great stuff, the klimt stuff

was great but there was an entire room

dedicated to this one sick fucker herman nitsch

or something like that. filmed all this wierd

humiliation shit, people rolling in filth,

films of people shitting, closeups of assholes

with shit coming out. pretty sick. dude must

have had serious game.

Came accross this one guy, nuts! spoke every

language. He was an Italian dude, with a german

girlfriend, speaking spanish to me, german to

his lady and italian on the phone. bad ass.

Schnitzel Bitch

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